Dental Pain

All my teeth are sensitive to cold, do I have a problem?

Hypersensitivity to temperature can be attributed to periodontal disorders, gum recession, cracked teeth, large metal fillings, and teeth grinding (bruxism). Only a dentist can tell you the source of the sensitivity.Plum Grove Dental - hot and cold sensitive

I have a tooth that is sensitive to hot, do I have a problem?

Typically teeth that are sensitive to hot signify an endodontic problem. Please consult the dentist for an evaluation.

Do I have to receive an injection for all dental procedures?

No. Certain procedures are small enough that we do not need anesthetic. Also, some patients may prefer not to receive anesthetic since they do not like the "numb" feeling.

I have a great fear of pain during dental treatment, what can you do to help?

We will sit down and speak with you to understand your dental concerns and answer questions regarding the procedure. Local anesthetic will be used to alleviate any discomfort. A general anesthetic like Nitrous Oxide (N2O - "laughing gas") can also be administered to help with anxiety.  Also, medications can be prescribed to reduce your anxiety before and during the procedure.